Employer Charter

Moving into sustainable employment on their release plays a huge role in helping men, women and young people to find new directions, regardless of their age or background.   

At Novus, our ambition is to significantly increase the number of prison leavers that find and keep meaningful employment and enable them to do more than just find a job.  

We strive to empower our learners to find a career they love, develop self-sustainability, and build a positive future for themselves after release.   

However, we are only able to achieve this by working in partnership with employers. Our experienced Novus team collaborates with partner employers to find fantastic candidates for available roles within their organisations and support both employer and candidate through the whole recruitment process - from interview to placement.  

With ongoing support and guidance beyond the start date, we work in tandem to help our learners succeed. 

Our Employer Charter establishes and expands on the commitments of both Novus and its partner employers.  

Four hard hats

How does employment promote rehabilitation?

In many cases, securing employment is crucial for ex-offenders seeking to reintegrate into society after facing incarceration. It provides them with a sense of accomplishment and direction, fostering a renewed sense of identity, purpose, and self-worth.  

Beyond financial stability, employment offers opportunities for personal growth and skill development, enabling individuals to adapt and thrive in new environments, and make the transition back into their communities smoother.  

That’s why we work collaboratively with our learners to develop a personal progression and career, which is designed to encompass the goals of each individual learner, setting them up with the skills needed for successful employment after release.  

Our commitments to our partner employers

We believe in working with our partners to help offenders and ex-offenders realise their potential. We will work with our partner employers with passion and professionalism to achieve positive outcomes for all learners and partner employers alike.   

We will:

  • Work collaboratively with our partner employers to establish successful learner/partner collaborations which benefit both parties. Work in collaboration to create positive impacts on partner organisations, our learners, our communities, and our economy.  
  • Provide partner employers with reliable, insightful information, guidance, and advice.  
  • Work with our partners to understand the individual goals and candidate requirements for each organisation. 
  • Cooperate with our partners to develop and implement achievable candidate progress plans that work for all stakeholders.  
  • Provide responsive support to our partners, learners and establishments.  
  • Maintain clear, transparent, and proactive communication between parties.  

Our partner employers' commitments

Our Novus Works employer partners believe in the potential of the people they hire, and are dedicated to helping them make the most of this potential.  

That’s why our partners make the following commitments: 

  • To work collaboratively with us at Novus towards the achievement of our goal of empowering learners to build a better future.  
  • To operate with respect for the candidates placed into vocation with them and take action to ensure they work with dignity, without discrimination, and in an inclusive     environment  
  • To enable ex-offenders to integrate into their workplaces as valued colleagues and members of society by paying them a standard national wage.  
  • To facilitate social re-integration by enabling flexible working arrangements during their resettlement, and adopting practices that help people with mental health needs to excel in the workplace.  
  • To provide Novus with reliable information and reports as agreed, enabling us to keep our commitments to our justice partners  
  • To provide feedback on all aspects of delivery, including learner/candidate feedback, to help us improve our service.