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Prison Education & Offender Learning Locations

Novus offers learning, skills, support and opportunity to men, women and young people at over 50 locations across England and Wales, providing local knowledge with national experience. 

We work in Adult Prisons in seven regions of England, grouped in accordance with the geographic division employed by the Ministry of Justice’s Prison Education Framework: Cumbria and Lancashire; Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire; London; Tees and Wear; West Midlands; Women’s Estate North and Yorkshire. We also work in three Private Prisons in Merseyside, Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire and in Wales as part of our Novus Cambria and Novus Gower joint ventures. 

Our Young People’s team work in two young offender institutions in the North and South of England.

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How many prisons offer education with Novus

Novus currently supports prison education in institutions and communities at 50 locations across England and Wales. 


  • HMP Haverigg
  • HMP Kirkham
  • HMP Lancaster Farms
  • HMP Preston
  • HMP Wymott
  • ​HMP Buckley Hall
  • ​​HMP/YOI Hindley
  • HMP Liverpool
  • ​HMP Risley
  • HMP/YOI Thorn Cross
  • HMP Altcourse
  • HMP Rye Hill
  • HMP Lowdham Grange
  • HMP Deerbolt
  • HMP Durham
  • HMP Holme House
  • HMP Kirklevington Grange
  • HMP Northumberland
  • HMP Birmingham
  • HMP Brinsford
  • HMP Featherstone
  • HMP Hewell
  • HMP Oakwood
  • HMP Stafford
  • HMP/YOI Stoke Heath
  • HMP Swinfen Hall
  • HMP/YOI Askham Grange
  • HMP/YOI Low Newton
  • HMP/YOI New Hall
  • HMP/YOI Styal
  • HMP Doncaster
  • HMP Hatfield/Lakes
  • HMP Hull
  • HMP Humber
  • HMP Leeds
  • HMP Lindholme
  • HMP/YOI Moorland
  • HMP Wealstun
  • HMYOI Cookham Wood
  • HMYOI Werrington
  • HMYOI Wetherby
  • HMP Brixton
  • HMYOI Feltham
  • HMP High Down
  • HMP/YOI Isis
  • HMP Pentonville
  • HMP Thameside
  • H​​MP Wandsworth
  • HMP Wormwood Scrubs

Corporate Locations

We are part of LTE Group, the largest social enterprise in the country dedicated to learning, training and employment. Our Head Office is based at our Group headquarters in Greater Manchester and includes our national leadership, governance bodies and Group operational services. Working together they oversee our national strategy, brand, business planning, investments and priorities.  This structure is aligned with the needs of our service commissioners, allowing us to deliver a local service with the efficiencies and resources of a national provider.