What we do

At Novus we work with passion to create the foundations for change and believe in the power of our services to improve lives. We are driven by a shared commitment and care, and are delighted to work in partnership to achieve our mission.

For almost 30 years Novus has been helping offenders change direction and we are proud to have directly contributed to the sustainable rehabilitation, resettlement, and employment of tens of thousands of individuals across England and Wales.    

Our education offering varies in our different locations to cater to the demands of the region, however, we offer several keystone courses that embed the most vital lessons. These are:

  • Maths and English,
  • Essential digital skills,
  • Vocational training,
  • Creative enrichment.

Novus is part of the LTE Group, a UK social enterprise dedicated to improving lives and economic success through learning and skills. We fulfil our Group’s social mission by providing the learning, skills and opportunity that offenders need to build positive futures for themselves, their families, and our communities.  

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Education and training services

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At Novus, we believe that education is the key to success for our learners. We support thousands of learners to achieve gain qualifications outcomes, as well as many others into employment upon release.

By providing a safe and secure environment for our learners to be engaged, we are aiming to lower the overall reoffending rate in England and Wales. In doing this, we can save money for taxpayers and help people turn their lives around. 

Creative Arts for Rehabilitation

We aim to improve access to the arts and culture for our learners. By doing this, we can develop and enhance the community that our colleagues and partners work in, improve the lives of our learners, and allow greater access to new learning experiences.

By offering engaging and challenging activities and opportunities within the arts and culture, we encourage learners to make a valuable contribution to their surroundings. This will then encourage them to positively influence the communities to which they belong, and to personally develop with the knowledge that they can make a positive change in their lives.

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Adult Provision

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Novus delivers a wide range of professional education, training, employment and support services for adults in custody through to the community.  

We deliver a range of education and training services to help prisoners gain the skills they need for employment after release, including:

  • English, Maths and Digital Skills
  • Vocational and Technical Education
  • Higher Level and Distance Learning

We also provide creative arts, enrichment and Personal and Social Development (PSD) programmes that help prisoners develop self-confidence, find enjoyment, and develop additional skills.

Youth Provision

Novus provides a range of education and training services to help young offenders gain the skills they need for further education or employment after release from custody.

Our services are tailored to meet each child’s diverse need and interests and our delivery model for children and young people includes high-quality education, enrichment, vocational training, career routeways and support that are the foundations for change. 

Our education and training provision includes maths, English, vocational and higher level courses, plus we also offer creative arts, enrichment and Personal and Social Development (PSD) programmes that help young offenders develop self-confidence, find enjoyment, and develop additional skills.

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Our locations

As the leading provider of prison education in England and Wales, we operate in over 50 locations, from HMP Berwyn and Parc in Wales, to the Young Offender Institutes like HMP Cookham Wood and Wetherby.

Our education teams on site are perfectly situated to understand the regional challenges and work with our learners to provide the best outcome of their time with us.

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