Education and training services

Working with our dedicated team of educators and industry partners, we ensure that our learners are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date training in our classes.

By partnering with employers, we are able to curate our education and training services to the needs of the job market, providing the best opportunity for our learners to succeed on release.

Our education offering varies in our different locations to cater to the demands of the region, however, we offer several keystone courses that embed the most vital lessons. These are:

  • Maths and English,
  • Essential digital skills,
  • Vocational training,
  • Creative enrichment.

Further to these, we work with our learners on preparation for their release, practicing interview techniques, and helping them relearn all that they need to land with their feet on release.

Our Provision: The Foundations for Change

English, Maths and Digital Skills

Vocational and
Technical Education

Higher Level and
Distance Learning

Progression and
Career Pathways

Enrichment and Engagement


Building positive futures

We want everyone to grow with Novus. We engage with over 60,000 learners and every one of our services have been designed to be accessible and usable and to ensure that learners of all ages, abilities and circumstances can progress. We are passionate in our care and positive in our outlook.  Our extensive expertise of providing support to individuals helps them to achieve their potential. Through our unique Novus Works Employer Partnership programme, we are working with over 200 quality, socially engaged employers, providing sustainable career pathways.  

Our success as an organisation and team is based around collaboration with our service commissioners, partners and learners.  We work together with our public, community and employer partners, including the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, Youth Custody Service, G4S, MTC, National, devolved and local governments, charities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and employers, towards shared aims, helping individuals turn their lives around. 

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