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Employer Partnerships & Employment Support

With the annual estimated cost of reoffending at £18 billion, we know how important it is for offenders to be able to find sustainable employment on release. It supports their mental, social and financial wellbeing, and is a key driver in reducing re-offending. Our aim is to prepare our learners for the world of work; equipping them with skills, competencies, and experience for their chosen career, so they are able to move into work quickly on release.

We work with men and women in establishments in England and Wales to create their own career routeway. Our career routeways are mapped to local labour market information and are informed by local and national employers. They offer learners the opportunity to gain industry relevant skills in their chosen career routeway regardless of their length of stay in custody.

Our employer partners provide guidance on industry standards, making sure that our curriculum and training is relevant to the needs of the real world. Doing this, we can create a pipeline from education to employment for our learners and save employers in recruitment and training costs.

Working with employers to support offenders

Finding employment with a criminal conviction can feel near-impossible. With support from our employer partners, we help our learners develop the skills they need to succeed, find a role that suits them, and make sustainable employment an achievable goal.

Our Novus Works partnership is about learners and employers, and how we can support them to work and grow together. Our dedicated team of professionals engage with employers to inform our curriculum, co-design our skills interventions and provide real opportunities for our learners, for work, apprenticeships and training on release.

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Partner Employers

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For over 30 years, we have partnered with employers to create easily accessible routes to employment for our learners on release. Our partner employers range from national level companies to local businesses, making sure that we can help provide work for our learners in a wide range of fields and with employers who can help support them as they contribute to their communities.

Employer Charter

Our Novus Works employer partners share our belief in the potential of our learners, and work with us with care and commitment to release their potential and help to improve their lives and economic success, and reduce re-offending. All our partners sign up to the Novus Employer Charter.

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Adult Provision Partnerships

We have an open, inclusive, flexible and proactive approach to our way of working with our partners, informed by the values of our organisation - with integrity, a can-do attitude, continually improving and with sustainability. This approach not only influences our colleagues, but our interactions with our partners.

Youth Provision Partnerships

Children are at the heart of our Youth Provisions. The decisions that we make in collaboration with our government and service delivery partners draw on their expertise in placing our learners first. Our diverse range of partners help us to respond to the varying needs and challenges that impact the learners in our Youth Provision.

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Our Employer Partners

Leading employers have endorsed Novus Career Routeways, informing, contributing to and co-designing learning and work programmes that lead to improved outcomes for learners.

To find out more about how Novus Works is creating career routeways contact us on or call 03333 222 888.

If you’re an employer and would like to explore the difference we can together.

Making a Difference Together

Our Novus Works employer partners provide our learners with a wide range of valuable learning, skills and employment opportunities:

Bespoke Curriculum Icon

Bespoke curriculum design and job-specific routeways

Supporting the development of course content and work ready checks.

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Skills exchange

Where Novus colleagues spend a period of time working with / shadowing employers to maintain their occupational skills and to enable them to teach learners the most current and highly demanded techniques and skills.

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Employer masterclasses

To deliver skills sessions based on specific or new industry demanded skills.

On-site Engagement Icon

On-site engagement

With potential candidates (interview practice, presentations and industry insight sessions).

Guaranteed Interviews Icon

Guaranteed interviews

Commitment to place a number of candidates over an agreed period of time for real work opportunities including apprenticeships.

Joint Promotion Icon

Joint promotion

Of collaborative recruitment or training as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes (e.g. industry events).

Branded Endorsement Icon

Branded endorsement or sponsorship

Of Novus delivery to raise the profile of opportunities for learners.