Mission, Vision & Values

Our practice is guided by a clear mission and vision, a distinct way of working, an awareness of our behaviours and, most importantly, by the values that we share.

Our values support our vision, help us fulfil our mission and shape our culture. They are the essence of our identity and guide not only our behaviour but our decisions. We are a values-based organisation dedicated to transforming the lives and economic potential of our learners, raising their aspirations and helping change directions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives and economic success through learning and skills.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the UK leader and innovator in offender learning, skills and employability.

The Novus Way

At Novus, our way is working with passion and professionalism to create the foundations for change, driven by shared commitment and care.

This is the heart of Novus - the spirit that defines us and the way that we work. Our Way is defined by the aspirations we share and the approach we take together.

We are passionate in our care, professional in our manner, productive in our efforts, purposeful in our commitment, and positive in our outlook.

We believe in the power of education to improve lives. We aspire to create foundations for change and empower learners to build a better future. We seek to create opportunity.

This is about you, and the difference we can make together.

Our Values

As an organisation, we share a common set of values across everything we do.


We are honest, trustworthy and open.

One Team

We collaborate, respect each other and contribute to team goals.

Always improving

We are forward-thinking, we innovate and take ownership.

Can do

We are positive, inclusive, flexible and proactive.


We take long-term view, environmentally, financially and socially.

Our Behaviours


Able and willing to evolve, achieve potential, adapt to changing environments.


Lead by example, embrace diversity, build trust.


Work together to offer all learners and customers excellent outcomes, build strong working relationships.