Rehabilitation Through Enrichment and Engagement

Novus has developed specialist enrichment strategies, programmes and courses to support the development of positive relationships and re-engagement with learning that are essential to rehabilitation.

Why Do We Need Enrichment in Prisons?

Many of our learners have had difficult experiences with both interpersonal relationships and formal classroom education. Our creative arts, enrichment and Personal and Social Development (PSD) programmes and courses help our learners to improve their self-knowledge, develop self-confidence, behaviour and attitudes, improve interpersonal skills and relationships, and encourage learning.

Our provision includes innovative, inclusive, specialist family programmes, courses and events, which strengthen bonds with partners, children and relatives and promote inclusive, collaborative learning.

Enriching and engaging creative arts programmes, courses, initiatives and opportunities for learners support their health and well-being, and improve behaviours and attainment. Incorporating English, maths, digital and vocational skills into these programmes help to re-engage learners with education and build a positive future.

Our Enrichment Activities in Prisons

Our enrichment provision includes a unique collaboration with the Tate’s Tate Exchange programme, as well as drama, literature and other programmes delivered in partnership with national, regional and local arts organisations and charities across the country.

All Novus enrichment and engagement provision is designed and delivered to support and enhance education, training and employment opportunities and is integrated into local establishments’ curriculum.

Innovative writing project adapted to face challenges

A successful and innovative writing and family engagement project, developed by White Water Writers and Novus, has been adapted to be suitable for learners to continue to engage in the project despite the challenge of COVID-19 restrictions in prisons.