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Tate 'family' artwork

Our innovative arts and family enrichment programmes support children to develop positive relationships, strengthening bonds with family, friends and significant others. They help them to grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence, improve interpersonal skills and support inclusivity and wellbeing. Importantly, they provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience that can help engage children with education.

Since 2017, Novus has been collaborating with Tate Liverpool as part of their family learning programme. The Tate learning programmes encompass events and activities that reflect the diversity of the communities we live in, and give us the opportunity to explore the role that art plays in society, and what positive contribution it can make.

Working in partnership with Tate Liverpool we are using art to bring creativity to our curriculum, providing opportunities for children to experiment, create and innovate through art and ideas. We are engaging children who may not previously have taken part in the arts and supporting them to learn about themselves and others through art.

Together with Tate Liverpool we are co-creating projects that invite our children to respond to a creative challenge using Tate collection displays and exhibitions for inspiration. They are developing skills and experience in the arts, as well as opportunities for pathways into creative careers.

Creative Arts’ Place in a Rehabilitative Culture: A Young People’s Focus (2021)

In 2021 we launched a project across the Young People’s Estate to invite young learners to respond to a brief set by Tate Liverpool, inspired by the works of British contemporary artist Bob and Roberta Smith. The project also includes inclusive family day activities at the gallery and a showcase event to explore different perspectives on the creative experience.

The project uses art as a space to support children to maintain and build family relationships. Through increasing opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities, children learn new skills and experiences, which encourage engagement in education and support employability and rehabilitation.

An integral part of the project is to empower the children with the autonomy to respond to the brief in their own unique way, giving them a voice and space for self-expression. The project helps raise their aspirations, build resilience, mental health and wellbeing. At a time when we have all faced challenges through the pandemic, the project has given the children an opportunity to focus in a positive way.

During late summer and early autumn we will deliver a cross-platform digital experience of the work and experiences of those who have taken part in the project, engaging a wider audience with the creative work and stories of the people behind it. The aim is to foster a curiosity and interest, to encourage engagement and dialogue around rehabilitation and break down barriers and stigma, and support with reintegration back into society.

Showcase Highlights

In September 2021 we invited guests to the launch of the showcase of works at Tate Liverpool. This video encapsulates highlights from the day and provides an opportunity to view the pieces on display and hear from our speakers and guests.

A Young People’s Focus (2021) Galleries

Exploring the work of Bob and Roberta Smith provided an accessible starting point for children to engage, enjoy and learn in a fun and accessible way.

Young Offender Institutions and Secure Training Centres from across England and Wales took part in the project. Below are the galleries of works produced. Click on the establishment name to explore how learners responded to the brief.


              establishments where Novus is the contracted education provider
              establishments where education is delivered by another provider


Below are a selection of works showcased at Tate Liverpool. Please visit the Tate Exchange page to view 2020 and 2018 showcases, where works by Young People in Novus education and enrichment programmes feature alongside those by Adult Learners.