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Novus has developed a unique approach to using arts and enrichment opportunities to support rehabilitation.

Our innovative arts and family enrichment programme provides our learners with a channel for positive engagement and supports the delivery of education, training and employment, which are essential in building the foundations for change.

We work with leaders in the field. Since 2017 this includes participation in the Tate Exchange

Working with themes set by the Tate, we’re using art to engage learners with education and training, strengthen family relationships, build personal and social skills, support inclusivity and wellbeing, open new horizons and spark discussion. 

Every year the Tate Exchange sets a creative challenge based on the Tate’s annual theme and we invite our educators and learners to co-create on projects in response. We then showcase the journey and selected works, fostering exchange on the role of creative, social and personal educational experiences in rehabilitation.

A Future I Can Love (2020)

This year the project set out to work on the Tate Exchange theme of ‘Love’. Learners from Novus sites across England and Wales were invited to take part in the cross-curriculum project, titled ‘A Future I Can Love’, giving them the opportunity to consolidate the skills they have learnt within their curriculum areas and apply them to a live brief.

The aim is to embed the work into the provision, enabling establishments and curriculum areas to link into any existing projects, including those with wider partners, providing new learning opportunities.

As prison regimes were restricted in response to COVID-19, Novus tutors and learners continued their work on the project remotely throughout the pandemic, providing a channel for positive engagement and a point of focus for the participants, and highlighting the value of art for building positive futures.

An integral part of the brief is the supporting evidence that will document the creation of the pieces along the way to show the learning journey, and positively shows learners what they are capable of, and have, achieved. The resulting journey provided remarkable insights into the power of art and family enrichment for learners’ development.

In Autumn 2020 we were delighted to deliver an innovative cross-platform digital showcase experience for ‘A Future I Can Love’. This showcase spans the Novus website, Novus Instagram account, Tate website and the Tate Exchange Instagram account. We hope that you enjoy the experience.