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Novus and Tate Modern project goes digital

Novus and Tate Modern are opening up their ‘A Future I Can Love’ project to a wider audience with a digital experience in November. 

Novus learners have continued their work on the project throughout the pandemic, providing a chance for positive engagement and a point of focus for the participants.

The project is set to be one of the first of it’s type to be delivered by Tate Exchange, it will encompass an exciting and innovative digital exhibition and experience in November, with a further physical showcase at the gallery in Spring 2021.

The project will be expanded into a two-fold experience – an exciting and innovative digital exhibition and experience in October with a further physical showcase at the gallery in Spring 2021. 

This new experience will use a range of methods including audio, film, imagery and live streamed events, across a number of different digital platforms such as the Novus and Tate websites, Instagram and other social channels, live video conferencing and the Virtual Campus, a secure prison intranet for use by prisoners. 

This is the first Tate Exchange residency to work in this way and is a great opportunity to open up the project to a wider audience. More importantly, it gives Novus learners the chance to actively engage in the exhibition and have the same experience as our colleagues, stakeholders and external audience.

The digital experience will still incorporate the original aims and key elements of the project at Tate Modern - the opportunity to showcase learners work and engage in conversations about their stories, journeys and outcomes and how these all support a person’s self-development, which in turn supports rehabilitation.

Art projects are a great way for offenders to build relationships with their families, sustaining strong family relationships while in prison can play an important role in helping offenders on the path to a crime-free life on release, which in turn helps to reduce reoffending.

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