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Novus has interesting and exciting news to share. With nearly 3,000 colleagues operating across more than 60 sites and working with over 65,000 offenders annually, there is never a shortage of stories to tell.

The work we do with the Ministry of Justice, the National Offender Management Service, the Youth Justice Board and a variety of partner organisations enables us to report on how we are raising the aspirations of offenders to increase employability and reduce re-offending.

It gives us great pride to update and inform on the work we do with young people and adults in custody and in the community, providing them with high quality offender education, training and employability services.

Our teams of colleagues are passionate about transforming lives - it is what makes them tick. We look forward to keeping you abreast of their endeavours in sites across the UK.

Novus news will be regularly updated on our website and can also be digested in New Directions, our quarterly newspaper, which you can download below.

Innovative project highlights role of family in rehabilitation

A North West prison project led by Novus has used art as a medium to support offenders in building and maintaining relationships with their families throughout their sentence.  The project aims to reduce reoffending by helping offenders maintain vital family links.

The project involved men from five North West prisons.  Inspired by the current exhibition at Tate Liverpool, ‘Artist Rooms: Roy Lichtenstein in Focus’, offenders created individual pieces of artwork which represent their life in prison.

Through art, the project has allowed the men to share their experiences with their families, both at family events within the prisons and by introducing their relatives to the prison environment by talking about the pieces they have produced.

Photographs of the prisoners’ artwork are now on show in Tate Exchange.

Barbara McDonough, Chief Operating Officer for Novus, said: “Maintaining strong family relationships whilst in prison can play an important role in supporting offenders to tackle issues, so that in release they are ready to live safe, healthy and productive lives, helping to reduce reoffending.

"The recently published Farmer Review into the importance of family demonstrates the value of family to the rehabilitation of offenders and, we believe, highlights how important this is to reform.

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Novus has built successful and effective partnerships that work to the benefit of offenders and ex-offenders.

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