New Directions

Novus delivers a wide range of professional education, training, employment and support services for adults in custody through to the community.  

Across the UK over a quarter million lives are marked by custodial or community sentences. 

Many are trapped in cycles of re-offending that have significant costs for communities and society, for themselves as individuals and their families. 

For almost 30 years we have been delivering our services in secure and community settings, for men and women of all ages and ability across England and Wales, providing the skills, opportunity and support they need to take new directions towards a positive future.  

As a partner-provider for the Ministry of Justice, its agencies and for the operators of prisons, the nominated Learning and Skills provider, each of our services have been designed to meet the complex needs of our learners and the statutory requirements and objectives of those who commission our services. 

We are backed by the strength of the Group and our sister organisations who are leading providers of apprenticeships and work-based training, technical and professional higher education, further education, and professional development courses, drawing on their expertise to support our services and provide learners with wider opportunities to continue their progression and prospects beyond the gate.

Our local teams work in partnership with organisations, agencies and employers in the area. In Wales, that includes partnering with Coleg Cambria to deliver a service that meets the needs of local communities as Novus Cambria

Our accessible and inclusive services are delivered by our passionate and professional colleagues, who work with commitment and care for our learners, providing them with the foundations to change direction and build a positive future.

Leraning and skills academy cover

Let there be no doubt. Education should be at the heart of the prison system... Prisoners are in prison because they have done wrong. But once they have served their time, it is just... and in the interests of their communities that they have... the chance to re-enter society successfully, to find work, to live fullfilling lives. If education is the engine of social mobility, it is also the engine of prisoner rehabilitation.

— Dame Sally Coates, Unlocking Potential: A review of education in prison (May 2016), Ministry of Justice