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With ambitious growth plans in place, we can strive to put even more offenders on the path to a crime-free future.

Peter Cox, Managing Director of Novus

Our Senior Team comprises a dedicated group of people who can call upon decades of invaluable experience in offender learning.

Between them, the members of our Senior Team have spent a number of years working across a range of key roles within the organisation, supporting children, young people and adults in custody and the community. The expertise they bring to Novus is vital in our mission to improve lives and economic success through learning and skills, and our journey to becoming thought leaders in the justice sector.

Our Senior Team

Managing Director
Peter Cox

Peter joined us in 1994 and has held several senior positions within the organisation during this time.  With a background in business development, Peter held the position of Vice Principal of Offender Learning prior to beginning his current role of Managing Director.

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Chief Operating Officer
Barbara McDonough

Barbara is Chief Operating Officer at Novus. Director of Justice Services. She joined the organisation in 1993 at HMP Liverpool. In 2003 she moved to a regional role in offender learning. Barbara has considerable experience in quality and shaping curriculum, and has recently led the mobilisation of the London OLASS contract.

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Director of Justice Development
Mark Oldfield

Mark joined us in December 2014 to head up our new Business Development Team. Prior to joining us, Mark was a Bid Director with Serco for six years where he and his team were very successful in winning a number of pPrison and Through the Gate bids. Before moving to the UK, Mark helped to mobilise and run Serco’s first prison in Australia.

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Director of Performance
Pat Walker

Pat joined the team in 2009. Before taking up his current post as Director of Performance, leading on quality and performance, he held a number of roles including Operations Manager, Regional Director and Director of Quality and Curriculum. Pat has worked in prison education for more than a decade.

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Director of Operations
Sally Garratt

Sally arrived in 2005, with considerable experience in offender learning. She has held a number of senior roles with Novus, having been OLASS Manager, Operations Manager, Young People Director and most recently Director of Operations. During this time she has worked in female, male and young people's estate.

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Director of Operations
Annick Platt

Annick joined the team at Novus in year more than four years ago, following seven years with the Prison Service as Head of Learning and Skills. She has led the North West region as Regional Director for the majority of this time and is now before taking a lead on custody operations across the OLASS regions. In total Annick has more than 20 years’ experience of working with offenders both in custody and the community.

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Director of Operations
Chris Horton

With over 15 years' experience in work with offenders, Chris Horton joined the group in 2006 as the Regional Prisons Director in the West Midlands, responsible for the learning and skills delivery in 13 institutions. Prior to this Chris worked at the SFA and previously the LSC, commissioning offender learning. Chris’s background is in the voluntary and public sector with over twenty years' experience in the delivery and management of youth work and employability interventions with young people within disadvantaged communities.

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Partner with us

Novus has built successful and effective partnerships that work to the benefit of offenders and ex-offenders.

From the long-standing working relationships to the more recent partnerships we have forged, we are delighted to join forces in transforming the lives of children, young people and adults through the provision of high quality learning and employability skills.

Working with the Ministry of Justice, the Youth Justice Board and the National Offender Management Service as well as a wide range of visionary charities and organisations, we strive to raise our learners’ aspirations, support them back into purposeful activity, prepare them for the world of work and consequently reduce the risk of re-offending.

Our partners offer crucial strategic input into the delivery of our services and provide an insight into their sector, ensuring Novus evolves and our work remains of the highest quality.

We are always open to new and innovative ways to extend our reach and put even more people on the path to a crime-free future, so if you are interested in partnering with us please get in touch.

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