Higher Level and Distance Learning In Youth Custody

Education is at the heart of youth custody. Our curriculum and enrichment activities, support and progression routes are tailored to ensure that when children return to their communities they continue into further education or training, start apprenticeships or employment.

All children are unique and come to us with all levels of ability. As such, we want our learners to have access to all levels of education, supporting their aspirations and developing their individual learning aims. Our team of experienced, passionate and committed teachers encourage their learners to see the value of progression to higher level learning as a route to wider employment opportunities and a more positive future.

How does higher level education support young offenders?

Higher level learning provides individuals with a wider range of opportunities. Developing greater skills and knowledge gives them the chance to better compete with candidates in the community for jobs. Access to more job opportunities boosts confidence, self-belief and helps individuals to take new directions.

Higher level learning with Novus

We have developed strong links with local colleges and universities and work collaboratively with them to support children into higher level learning on release.

We provide learners with employability skills that are valuable to employers such as self-motivation, critical thinking and commitment, and key study skills to support their progression in higher level learning to help them build positive futures.

Sowing the SEED at HMYOI Wetherby

An innovative architecture project at HMYOI Wetherby is changing the mind-set of a group of young learners and giving them the skills they need for a successful rehabilitation. 

The project is led by architect Karl Lenton, a member of the SEED Network, which promotes the idea that design matters and can be used to support communities to better themselves.  Karl worked with the Novus education department at HMYOI Wetherby to give the young people a grounding in some of the basic skills of architecture.