Providing the
Foundations for Change

For almost 30 years, Novus has worked with children and young people from custody through to the community. We believe that providing education, support and opportunity creates the foundations for change.

Many children in custody have experienced trauma and troubled home lives, and often have learning difficulties. They have yet to develop the life skills and experience they need. However they are resilient and capable of change.

The potential of children and young people in custody is unlocked by providing them with a helping hand back into education and the educational enrichment experiences that promote self-confidence and self-knowledge. It is unlocked by enabling them to develop essential functional skills and giving them the support they need so that everyone has an equal opportunity to progress and achieve.

These are the foundations for change.

We provide the Foundations for Change:

English, Maths and
Digital Skills

Vocational and
Technical Education

Higher Level and
Distance Learning

Progression and
Career Pathways

Enrichment and Engagement


Building Positive Futures

Education, skills, support and opportunity can transform individual children’s lives, unlocking their potential and enabling them to become valued members of their communities. 

Working together with custodial settings, educational and enrichment partners, health providers and youth offending teams Novus is delivering the foundations for change.

Together, we’re building safer communities and reducing the significant financial and social costs arising from re-offending.