Custody to the Community

Novus is committed to helping children and young people to successfully return to their local communities on release with a new sense of self and purpose.

Our local Engagement and Resettlement teams provide pastoral support working with the children from the point they arrive at their secure establishment. They help improve their confidence, motivation and wellbeing, so they feel comfortable accessing education. They continue to play an integral role throughout their time in custody and work closely with the children on job interview skills and opportunities for work experience, supporting them through to resettlement into education, training or employment on release.

Key partner Kinetic Youth work alongside our teams at each site on resettlement and engagement activity. The team understands challenges children face in today’s society and support children to be prepared as they make their journey from custody back to their local communities. 

We are also a partner in the Turnaround to Work Project, which is supported by the Youth Justice Board. The scheme is designed to reduce the levels of youth offending by providing young people with short work placements upon their release from custody. 

Working together we can ensure that children make the transition from custody to their community to build a positive future.

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