Employer Charter

Our Employer Charter outlines our commitment to prison leavers and employers, describing the benefits of our flexible, supportive service that will enable you to access a talent pool of skilled, motivated candidates who can make a real difference to your business.

We’ll ensure that your involvement in supporting prison leavers is celebrated, promoting the business benefits and your commitment to ethical standards.

Our ambition is to significantly increase the number of prison leavers that find and keep meaningful employment. We can only achieve this by working in partnership with employers.

What is the Novus Works Employer Charter?

Novus Works supports the education, training and recruitment of offenders in partnership with many employers across different sectors and industries. Over the last 12 months we have placed hundreds of people leaving prison into meaningful work, with employers that both see the business benefit of recruiting prison leavers and the positive social impact this brings.

We are now expanding our work with employers, offering new opportunities for businesses to engage in the design of skills courses and training within the prison setting; developing bespoke recruitment and outplacement support; and workforce development support, to help prison leavers develop in the workplace.

This Charter sets out the benefits of working with us; what an employer can expect from Novus Works; the commitments we are looking for from employers; and the different ways employers can get involved in the training and recruitment of prison leavers to meet their business needs.

The goals of the Novus Works Employer Charter

Our ambition is to significantly increase the number of prison leavers that find and keep meaningful employment. We are establishing the Novus Works Employer Charter to achieve the following goals:

  • To develop a more extensive pool of skilled and competent staff that better meet business needs, through more intensive employer co-design and development
  • To increase the involvement of employers in the early design and development of skills training and education curriculum in the prison setting
  • To create more opportunities for prison leavers to obtain industry knowledge, skills and qualifications that will be of long term value to them and their chosen industry
  • To normalise employer involvement in training in a prison setting
  • To recognise and celebrate the positive impact that employers are making in the training and development of offenders.

Why should you get involved?

The business benefits of signing the Novus Works Employer Charter are four-fold:

  • A cost-effective way of recruiting new employees without the risks. Together we can conduct pre-interview training in the prison; undertake sifts of potential candidates; conduct interviews in the prison; and then provide a managed induction process in your company to help the transition from prison to employment
  • You will have an Account Manager that will work with you to understand your business recruitment and training needs; tailor the support you need and manage the end to end process from design to job placement
  • At no external cost, you can directly influence and shape the training, courses and interventions in the prison setting to equip potential candidates with the skills needed to be successful in your organisation. Think of it as a college within a prison setting that works in partnership with you to ensure its students leave prison with the specific skills you need in your business
  • We can jointly promote your involvement in the training and recruitment of offenders to demonstrate both the business benefits and your ethical standards.

Our training and recruitment services include:

  • A free, comprehensive and flexible recruitment service
  • Curriculum and course content design to meet business needs
  • Direct support in creating job descriptions and person specifications
  • Pre-screening, testing and sifting of applicants
  • Pre-employment training programmes for specific job opportunities
  • Advice on equality and disclosure legislation
  • Induction support for new starters
  • In work support, providing help and guidance to new starters and their line manager
  • Access to wider skills development programmes for the wider workforce.

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