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Once we've ensured that prison leavers are ready for the next step, we connect employers with skilled candidates that are ready to start work and are motivated to build a career.

We support many employers to recruit the right people with the right skills through our flexible recruitment service. And at no cost to the employer.

Novus Works operates in prisons across England and Wales, delivering training to ensure that prison leavers are equipped with the right skills, qualifications and attitude, so they can progress into work.

We don’t believe that our role stops once we’ve helped you to recruit the right candidate. Making the transition from prison into employment marks a significant change for prison leavers and can be a challenging time.

Our commitment to them, and to you, is to ensure your new employees can access any support they may need during this transitional time, whether that’s about their new role or broader support needed to reflect their personal circumstances.

Our experience has shown that this support creates an environment where new starters can really flourish, and significantly reduces the likelihood of new employees falling out of work.

We believe in progression, and are keen to work with you to support the development of your new employees to ensure they can reach their potential.

We can create a development plan for new employees, based on your organisation’s workforce development objectives. We offer a range of ‘on-thejob’ practical training opportunities, qualifications and online learning opportunities ranging from entry-level through to management, leadership and higher level learning.

Our market-leading skills development service is, of course, open to your whole workforce.

We take time to get to know your organisation and its culture, to ensure we understand your market. By combining this knowledge with our own extensive, best-practice expertise and experience, we can offer you practical support throughout the process.

From creating job descriptions and person specifications, through to pre-screening and interview, we will be on hand to ensure you experience a seamless service that delivers results.

How does it work

Getting the training right

Our training is outcome focused. We’re unswerving in our commitment to ensuring that prison leavers receive the training they need to make a seamless transition into work. We ensure prison leavers have:

  • Real life practical work skills that your organisation, and sector, needs
  • Accredited skills and the right qualifications
  • The right attitude, communication and team working skills

Our training is employer-led. We create training and skills development programmes that are informed by market leading employers, local businesses and by industry and education bodies.

Our flexible service offers all of our employer partners the opportunity to sponsor academies, and to work with us to develop bespoke programmes that meet specific recruitment requirements. It’s a bespoke service, created around your organisation. Ultimately, though, all of our training programmes deliver the same thing… job ready, motivated candidates equipped with the right skills.

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