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Learners’ artwork celebrates multicultural Manchester

Paintings, illustrations and collages produced by Novus learners for a project celebrating Manchester’s multicultural community will be going on display at Manchester Library.

The Community Heritage Project, celebrates the diversity of nationalities that live and work together to make Manchester the vibrant city it is today. Learners from Novus’ Art, English, Maths and IT classes reflected on their childhood memories, taking inspiration from their experiences of growing up and family activities.

Andrea Cotton, Art Tutor for Novus at HMP Manchester, said: “Our learners were in a unique position of being separated from mainstream society, and able to look back more objectively to look at the positive parts of being brought up in what were often economically poor areas.

“They overcame frequently challenging conditions in their family lives and yet still kept that sense of community. The project helped learners to widen their personal horizons and showed them their own ability to achieve meaningful qualifications, which improved their confidence and self-esteem.”

“We are proud to give learners the training they need to find work or undertake further education, meaning they return to society better equipped to become valuable citizens and live a fulfilling, law-abiding life.”

Andrea is confident learners will now be more inclined to engage with community-based projects in the future. Their innovative pieces of work will also feature in an exhibition in March 2018, when Novus will take over the ground floor of Manchester Library to showcase learners’ art.

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